For Authors

Dear authors,

We use EasyChair for conference paper submissions, reviewers evaluations, and notification to authors. To submit your paper, short report or an abstract you need an EasyChair account. Please consult our tutorial if you need help.

IHIC 2015 paper submission portal:

Screenshot of the EasyChair System Log in page:


  • If you have no EasyChair account please start with create an account link.
  • Please consult out short tutorial (pdf) how to create a new account:  IHIC_2015_Creation_of_the_Account_Tutorial
  • If you already have an account in EasyChair, you can log in with your current User name and Password, and click Login button.
  • The tutorial (pdf) for submitting of the paper is downloadable from following link: IHIC_2015_Paper_Submission_Tutorial

Dear implementers,

We are happy you wish to share your experience with the community. Your findings spin up gears of research, innovation and development of HL7 specifications.

To balance the conference program we kindly ask you to submit the title, author(s), keywords and at least an abstract of your presentation in the same way as scientists will do (please use the abstract-only template in DOC format).

In order to facilitate the dissemination of your experiences you are requested either to allow your presentations to be recorded or to submit a short practice report (or both).

For writing the short practice report please use the article template of EJBI (LaTeX/DOC). Please read instructions for regular EJBI authors ( as well. We prefer relevant images, screenshots and graphic schema over a long narrative chapters. If you are not able to fit the typical article schema IMRAD, please do not care.

Submitted abstracts and practice reports will be published in the conference proceedings. The recordings will be made available on the conference website after the meeting.

Always please submit the final PDF version as well as the source file (LaTeX/DOC) of your abstract / practice report.

Dear scientists,

The printed conference proceedings will contain a special issue of the European Journal for Biomededical Informatics (EJBI). Scientific papers come there. This special issue will be available online on the EJBI website.

We kindly request you to carefully follow all instructions applicable to regular EJBI authors published at To keep EJBI multilingual please provide us the article title, abstract and keywords additionally in your mother tongue in a separate file (a simple DOC).

For writing your article please use the article template of EJBI (DOC/LaTeX). The manuscript should not exceed 5000 words.

Always please submit the final PDF version as well as the source files (LaTeX/DOC) of your paper.

 General notes

  • Users of EJBI LaTeX template: If you observe following error:
    LaTeX Error: Command \c@dblbotnumber already defined.,
    please remove the stfloats package from line 13 of ejbi.sty file.
  • Register for IHIC 2015 is still in News here.
  • Acknowledgements are complimentary in IHIC 2015 proceedings (the fee 50 EUR requested by EJBI for acknowledgement display  is not applicable).

Thank you for you contributions to the IHIC 2015 in advance.