Joachim W.Dudeck Award

Since 2011, HL7 International annually bestows the Joachim W. Dudeck Award, awarded by the HL7 International Council on the occasion of the International HL7 Interoperability Conference.

The Award distinguishes extraordinary achievements in developing and/or implementing HL7-based interoperability solutions as well as promoting the use of HL7 and its harmonization with other specifications performed by young HL7 community members.

The Award has been launched in memory and honor of the outstanding physician, scientist, lecturer and standards developer Joachim W. Dudeck (Giessen, Germany). Joachim Dudeck was the founder and long term Chair of HL7 Germany, the first Affiliate Director at the HL7 Board of Directors and author or contributor of many specifications around HL7 and XML in Health Informatics.

A jury – the Joachim W. Dudeck Award Committee – consisting of 6 acknowledged scientists and standardization experts headed by the acting HL7 Germany Chair decides on the bestowment of this Award to one author of a submission to the International HL7 Interoperability Conference who is younger than 35 years.

The paper must be written in English.