This is an overview of tutorials for Monday 9th February 2015.

The tutorials will run in four rooms in parallel. Every room will hold four tutorials in a row  – 4x 100 minutes marked as Q1-Q4 (Q stands for a quarter of the day).

  • Q1: 9:00 – 10:40
  • Q2: 11:00 – 12:40
  • Q3: 13:20 – 15:00
  • Q4: 15:20 – 17:00

There is a coffee break between each two tutorials lasting 20 minutes. The middle one lasts 40 minutes.

Tutorials on this page are grouped by room number, contrary to the registration form, where tutorials are ordered by time. Please follow tutorial numbers (T11-T44).

Room 1 – Selected topics on national eHealth programs

Q1 – T11: Selected topics on eHealth in Finland (by Juha Mykkänen)

Q3 – T31: Selected topics on eHealth in Austria (by Stefan Sabutch)
Q4 – T41: Selected topics on eHealth in Switzerland (by Marco Demarmels) (canceled due flu)

Room 2 – ART-DECOR Developer Day

This track is all delivered by Kai Heitmann.
Please see Detailed program (new window).

Q1 – T12: HL7 RIM and CDA Introduction
Q2 – T22: ART-DECOR Basics and User Perspective
Q3 – T32: ART-DECOR for specification developers
Q4 – T42: ART-DECOR for software implementers

Room 3

Q2 – T23: Security, Privacy, Trust – Prerequisites for any Communication and Cooperation (by Bernd Blobel).
Q3 – T33: HL7 Conformance requirements and HL7 Tooling (by Frank Oemig) (canceled due flu)
Q4 – T43: Introduction to GS1 protocols (by Christian Hay)

Room 4

Q1 – T14: Theory of Interoperability and HL7 protocols (by Harry Solomon).
Q2 – T24: Vocabulary in Medical Informatics incl. LOINC and SNOMED CT (by Harry Solomon)
Q3 – T34: IT Infrastructure Architectures (by Harry Solomon)
Q4 – T44: HL7 FHIR Overview (by Rene Spronk)
This tutorial provides an overview of FHIR aimed at  non-programmers and physicians as well as an audience with a more technical background.

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